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BULLZ_TEXT, the first subtitle program for Dreambox
   When you running in old-fashioned dreambox (like dm500, dm7000) you dont have any subtitle available, except in text-tv mode. But with text-tv mode you must all the time know the different pages for your language. Different channels have the subtitle on different pages;
   As a lazy person I wondered if this could be done automatic without any intervention. Yes I made a try and early 2004 I release the first version of bullz_text. (The name was taken from my alias 'bullzeye' in several satellite forums)
   Bullz_text is an application (not really a plugin) written in C++. It is a multi threaded application. A gemini plugin is also available to configure some parameters
   Download it and give it a try
bullz_text menu
» Can handle all characters from most Western Europe countries.
» Using Bitmap Fonts. (not truetype)
» Different color on character and background.
» The background can also be transparent, with outlined characters.
» Changing the height position of the text on the screen.
» Delay the text in order to sync the sound. (Will be used at recording)
» Even change audio for channel with different audios.
» Verbose mode for outprint events and other logs
» Possible to make workarounds for channels which not follow the standard.
» Probably run on all enigma1 firmwares.(DM500, DM7000).(It will not work on neutrino)

Download the last Bullz_text.
• Version: 0.43
• Release: 2006-Nov-16
• MD5sum:
   bullz_text ac3dd87785f9e292e1a9bc6bce91bae1 f4c04415fe1e7b0b2b2456822beddceb
• Latest change: Will save correct after changing parameter in the GUI
As I do not have any enigma1 machine anymore there will be no support for bullz_text

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